To help couples, Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum usually uses a wide range of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, communication strategies, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness, emotion regulation and stress management strategies. All of these approaches are active, problem-focused and addressing here-and-now issues.

If you and/or your partner(s) are going to see a psychologist for the first time, it is very natural for you to feel anxious and worried about the process. Couple counseling is NOT an indicator that there is anything wrong with your relationship, quite the opposite – in many cases, couple counseling is recommended to keep the relationship healthy and to provide a forum to discuss issues with a “neutral” third person! Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum tries to help couples understand and gain insights into the dynamics of their relationship(s).  Couple counseling can help couples to change the view of the relationship, improve communication styles, modify dysfunctional behaviors and patterns, and promote individual strengths.

Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum is also experienced in providing couple counseling services for LGBTQ+ individuals, couples and for polyamorous relationships.