Psychotherapy and Counseling Services

Dr. Baum’s goal is to try to help people live their most authentic life by providing acceptance and a compassionate understanding of each unique individual. In his practice, Dr. Baum focuses primarily on anxiety disorders and phobias, adult ADHD/ADD, men’s issues, relationship and marital issues, and life transition issues. As a male psychologist, Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum is also familiar with the unique struggles and challenges that men face in today’s society (such as male role identity and sexuality issues as well as work-life balance or midlife crisis problems).

Dr. Mario Baum has studied in Vienna, Austria (the birth place of psychotherapy) and Nashville, Tennessee. He has extensive trainings in a wide range of modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, mindfulness and stress management strategies; these approaches are active, problem-focused and addressing here-and-now issues.

Clients welcome Dr. Baum’s analytical approach; his major strength is to help you dissect a problem – and then help you to figure out how to solve it, step by step. He sees a major benefit of his work in supporting YOU to work toward goals, which can bring confidence, peace of mind and, ultimately, more meaning to your life.

A few things that Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum focuses on:

  • Counseling and psychotherapy for adults (e.g., male identity, male sexuality issues, work-life balance, midlife crisis)
  • Anxiety disorders and panic attacks
  • Internet addiction, addiction to online games or online pornography
  • Stress-management and work-life balance
  • Social skills training
  • Assessment and treatment for social anxiety or fears of public speaking
  • Assessment and treatment for anxiety and mood disorders
  • ADHD Coaching (for adults AND older adolescents)
  • Performance anxiety in college, school or work

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) clients:

Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum offers gender-affirmative counseling and psychotherapy services. While an individual’s sexual identity may not be a source of distress, it sometimes is the stigma of living as a minority that can be a source of stress and anxiety. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum is an experienced therapist and familiar with these unique challenges. Thrive in Life Counseling and Therapy welcomes and provides services for  individuals who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning, intersex and asexual. He welcomes individuals living alone or together with a partner or spouse (or two partner and spouses, “throuples”).