Psychological Assessments and Testing Services

As a former Kindergarten teacher, Dr. Mario Baum is comfortable working with children; he offers assessment services for children ages 6+ years as well as adolescents and adults. Assessment and testing services can be requested and necessary for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • IQ/intelligence
  • memory, attention, executive functions and cognitive functions,
  • cognitive performance tests for adolescents, adults and older adults to get more information about memory, attention, and/or cognitive issues,
  • aptitude and learning disabilities,
  • detailed information about ADHD/ADD and other mental health issues,

In an initial meeting, Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum will discuss the expected fees with you. Usually, assessment fees (including final reports) start at $ 700, up to $ 1600 (and may be partially covered by your health insurance provider). Please email or call Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum (615-582-8602) for more information.

How do assessments work?

  1. Initial meeting: The first step is to call or email Dr. Baum to set up an initial meeting to discuss your issues and why you need an assessment (e.g., referral from counselors or primary care physicians).
  2. Gathering background information: For some (not all!) assessments, Dr. Baum needs to gather as much background information as possible to explore the history and nature of certain issues (for example, for ADD/ADHD assessments, he will also ask you about school performance and feedback from teachers).
  3. Conducting psychological assessments and tests: Most assessments are done with iPads in a very convenient and even fun way. You (or your child) have one iPad in your hand, and Dr. Mario Baum has another iPad with him. He is able to receive information in real-time, and – in some cases – might be able to get results immediately after the testing. Testing with iPads can be fun for children as well as adults!
  4. Formal report and concluding session: After gathering all the information that is necessary for conclusions, Dr. Mario Lehenbauer-Baum will write a formal report. In a final and concluding session, you will receive the report, and the results will be reviewed together with you.

Please note that most thorough assessments and assessment reports take their time and cannot be done within days!